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Lindsay Patton | Principal, Blackstar Communications

Hi, I'm Lindsay.

I'm on this little corner of the internet because I help people, brands and organizations find their voice through digital strategy. This includes social media, e-marketing, copywriting, blogging, podcasting, teaching, e-commerce and more. Particularly, I love working with small business owners, nonprofit organizations and programs for good. 

I've spent 15 years playing around with my career to discover what I do best. I've had jobs in newsrooms, agencies, startups and more and what I've learned is I love content. Consuming it, creating it, discussing it. Need someone to explain what TikTok influencer houses are? Probably not, but I can do it.

All that is to say: I have skills you don't even know you need. 


Blackstar Communications services include:

Social Media Marketing

Social media strategy 

I come in and help advise on what's working, what's not and opportunities available.

Social media launch

Need to launch social media profiles? Let's do it. I work with you to come up with an approved strategy, provide content and manage accounts. 

Social media content creation
Don't have time to create your own content? I have it covered! From basic graphics and captions to Reels, I help bring content concepts to life so you can focus on growing your business. 

Social media engagement

Content is just one way to grow your social media accounts. By engaging with other users, your platforms get more exposure and gain more followers. 


Content writing 

Still putting my journalism degree to use after all these years! Writing skills include reporting, blogging, ghostwriting, copywriting - the list goes on.

Editing and content management

I love managing content teams, coming up with content ideas and working with writers on their pieces.

Digital Marketing


I use the internet to help you sell, sell, sell. I have experience with Shopify, customer service and product creation. 

E-mail lists

Newsletter marketing - in my opinion - is the most powerful tool available to individuals, businesses, non-profits and more. Over the past three years, I have helped clients increase their open rates by up to 50 percent. 


Instagram giveaways are a great way to engage followers and gain brand exposure. I have experience managing dozens of giveaways for various brands and individuals. 

Other Skills


Currently, I host People Analytics, a podcast produced by StaffGeek. As a journalist, I know the importance of letting the guest speak and following up with relevant questions. I have also utilized my interviewing skills through multiple Instagram Live streams with Twist Out Cancer.


I have worked with college-age students for 13 years and love the opportunity to help young talent grow and find their skills and passions. In those years, I created two intern programs from scratched, managed a third intern program and currently serve as an adjunct business professor at Aquinas College. Business Communications is a 101 course that introduces students to the world outside of college. 



What does "Blackstar" Communications mean?


On Jan. 8, 2016 - his birthday - David Bowie released his 25th studio album, Blackstar

Two days later, the iconic rocker passed from his 18-month battle with liver cancer.

The world was shocked - Bowie had not shared his diagnosis publicly - and knowing he was looking death in the face, Blackstar took on a whole new meaning. Bowie was a visionary up until his last breath. 

I have honored my favorite musician in many ways: my dog's name, a tattoo, through my writing. Launching my own business is a culmination of my career so far - a career driven by a Bowie soundtrack, one inspired by a man who never cared if you thought he was weird or dressed funny. 

Blackstar Communications represents a moment - a "Bowie" moment, if you will - in my career where I am free to give into creativity fully.


So, if you are ever pleased with an idea or outcome, know David Bowie had a little part in my creative confidence and Blackstar Communications is my nod to his influence.

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