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The Beginner's Guide to Working with Journalists

Resources are tight when you're just starting out. From new entrepreneurs to creative artists, it's challenging to get the media's attention.

I've been a practicing journalist for 15 years and know garnering press is an uphill battle - especially when many up-and-coming entrepreneurs aren't financially ready for a communications budget. 

I want to give a boost to those that can't afford outside assistance, which is why I created The Beginner's Guide to Working with Journalists.

Companies, organizations and artists can easily incorporate these tips into their current marketing plan... or, for those that don't know where to start, form a plan around these tips.

By knowing how to properly communicate with journalists, entrepreneurs are more likely to receive email replies, build better relationships, streamline outreach and reach new audiences.

And when you are ready to expand your communications budget, remember your friend who gave you a boost. 😉

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Every week, I connect with business leaders who put people first. Podcast guests share best practices and what happens to an organization when its leaders prioritize employees. (Hint: they do very, very well.)

People Analytics is produced by StaffGeek

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